About Fidelio


Fidelio first opens its doors at Bremgartenstrasse 66 in 8003 Zurich in 1986. Marco Kunz, founder of Fidelio, starts to make international fashion available to the swiss market. From the beginnig Fidelio was an innovative concept for women and men and quickly established his image as a pioneer with a great deal of trend tracing. Fidelio was the first retailer in Switzerland to sell brands that are among the avant-garde of the scene: Helmut Lang, Comme Des Garçons, Ann Demeulemeester, Margiela, or Katharine Hamnett. Fidelio carries some of these brands since their first season and so manages to have a history of long-lasting and strong relationships to several brands.

In 2003, the second Fidelio branch opened in Zurich, in the same year Fidelio established its own brand, which consists of environmentally friendly, high-quality basics in a timeless design. After about 30 years Fidelio is still one of the most exciting addresses for fashion in Zurich and Switzerland.